Fundraising Money Mindset Webinar


Learn Hidden Secrets to Supercharge your Fundraising Success

Why it’s all in the Subconscious


You will learn how your subconscious money mindset impacts your personal finance and your business and how it has been getting in your way of successful fundraising.

How to Overcome the Blocks


You will learn how to dismantle the current money (fundraising) blocks and reprogram your conscious and subconscious relationship to money, success, and wealth.

How to Ask with Impact

When it’s finally time to ask for the money, do you get quiet, lean back, and want this part to be over as fast as possible…if so just know, you are not alone! Learn how to make a powerful and aligned invitation to invest during your pitch so that people not only listen but also want to join you in your mission.

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Your host Rasa

Rasa has coached founders, pro-athletes, Hollywood celebrities, corporate executives, and CEOs across the globe guiding them to achieve outstanding results. She is a sought out speaker and has streamed many live webinars about unlocking your highest potential, unlocking your money mindset, and building a thriving business, career and life.

Prior to starting her own coaching and consulting business, Rasa spent 15 years as a Strategy & Transaction Consultant where she led multi-million dollar projects and assessed the value of multi-billion dollar companies while competing on a Pro-Beach Volleyball tour on the weekends.

Throughout her career as a consultant and as a pro-athlete, Rasa has built and led numerous high performing teams as well as championed various initiatives to drive authentic leadership and promote women into leadership roles.


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